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Hans Beck (Hans Beck, 19292009) is usually called "The Father of PLAYMOBIL". Beck was engaged in the manufacture of wooden furniture but at the same time he made airplane models, a product whose rights Beck gave to the company Geobra Brandstätter. The owner of the company Horst Brandstätter asked him to make toy figures for children.

Beck worked for three years to do what Horst Brandstätter asked for. Beck conducted research that allowed him to develop a game that would not be overly complicated, but nevertheless flexible. The hands of the PLAYMOBIL had the ability to hold things. The toy, with a height of 7.5 cm, would fit in the hand of a child, and his facial features would be based on the children's drawings (large head, wide smile, no nose). "I would like to put these little figures in their hands without saying what they were," Beck said. "The PLAYMOBIL accepted them the way I expected ... They created small scenarios for them. They will never get tired of playing with them." The older figures consisted of a piece for the hands and one for the legs. In the next figures the hands could move.

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