Who we are

The online store Lazaridishop.gr is the continuation of the family business LAZARIDIS in Katerini, which has been active in the field of toy sales since 1991.

Its founder was Mr. George I. Lazaridis, who founded the company on values and principles based on respect, responsibility, reliability and business ethics.

All the members of the family and the staff of the company, now responsible for Mr. Lazaridis' son, Yiannis Lazaridis, continue this work with great effort and dedication. They serve by thinking about the interest of customers and always thinking as customers.

The aim of the company is the best prices and their combination with the best quality.

The store offers a wide variety of toys, seasonal and school supplies, as well as gift and household items, which serve the needs of our customers at the best prices.

What is certain is that this variety is constantly enriched and improved, in our effort to meet the needs of our customers.

That's how the world loved us and the LAZARIDIS games have their audience. An audience that daily gives its credentials, which are confirmed by the preference, the love and the trust that it shows us and that with so much effort we have won.

Our vision and ambition is to promote ourselves to a wider audience so that they too have access to our services by providing them with quality products at the best prices.

Welcome to the Lazaridishop.gr