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Thomas Aquarone's toy workshop first appeared in 1930. Its founder belonged to the family of the old printers of Thessaloniki and was a restless and creative man who was not satisfied with the reputation and clientele of a company that first brought to Northern Greece the stinging....The idea started from the used and useless now leaden elements of the printing press .... A raw material "tied" to his life, which in his mind took shape and colors!! Bringing special molds from Germany, he constructed the first lead soldiers and presented them at the Thessaloniki International Fair. From there things got their way and with the great success and response that the lead soldiers had, Thomas Aquarone had "entered the game" for good... Leaving the printing press in the hands of his brothers, in the next few years he expanded to various other games such as tops, wooden constructions, wooden puzzles with embossed images, wooden cubes with images from fairy tales. The small workshop was in need of hands and all those who worked next to this charismatic man will remember forever his dynamic personality. From pencil to wood and a little later make their appearance the first board games, with lead pawns, such as "The Game of Goose", "the Grumpy", "the Velodrome" and so many others.

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